Monday, 31 October 2011


Oh deary me, has been a long long while hasn't it? And there is so much I could have been blogging about, I just lost my blogging mojo....we've had a great visit from UK friends, then I jetted home for a fortnight of family friends and fish and chips....and still no blogging. No lack of fun has been had, just a lack of sitting at the computer, which in a way I suppose is a good thing.

A brief summary......
I have fought over gold bullion at the Royal Canadian Mint:

Explored the Kent countryside with my parents, making the most of the good weather with some birdwatching. Key spot for me were Bearded Tits (P seems to think this rates as one of the funniest bird names of all time, up there with 'boobies').

Caught up with old friends over far too much food (and far too much teacher talk for my dear chauffeur!), and even converted one sister to geocaching (the other seems to be managing to stay away from this temptation, strange girl). Here W and I are having found a cache hidden in a snail which was magnetically attached to a postbox - whats not to love?!

Anyway, now back in Ottawa, full of colds, but decided to face the morning and head out for a ramble with Jasper this morning. Just thought I'd share a few piccies from our wander around. Sadly I didn't whip my camera out quick enough to catch the zombie chef who passed us on the bridge, or the pirate who cycled by. Going for a walk on Halloween is like living in a Where's Wally book.

Lets see whether I can make it two days running hey?!
Happy Halloween everybody.x

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