Sunday, 23 August 2009

We are in Canadia - yes we are.

It is only two weeks since we arrived and as we sit to write this we now can't decide where to start!
We are here.
We made a five year plan to get to Canada, and 8 years later we made it. More by luck than judgement as with everything in our lives, but here nonetheless.

So, what news....
We arrived on Aug 10th and checked in for a few days at L'Auberge du Marche which as Paul had assured me before hand served top notch breakfasts - the best French Toast! Thoroughly recommend staying here to anyone who is not already planning to use our spare room.
We have spent much of our time meandering round the city. Paul now has a detailed city map imprinted in his brain although as usual if you spin me round I still have no idea which way home is (OK, that's true even without the spinning!).

We are now in our first apartment, overlooking the river and Gatineau, Quebec. We're here until September 15th when we move into a more permanent address in New Edinburgh (one of the poshest districts in Ottawa according to the paper yesterday....not sure they realise who they are letting move in).

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  1. hey amy+paul it looks like uve bin hafin amazing time since u bin in canada most xclnt indeed hope uze both a truly luvli adventerus time whgilst ure out there njoy all u do luvnlite slob